About Us

Our Mission

We promote health and wellness in our community with a natural approach to health to improve the quality of life for all members and all ages through chiropractic care, passive and active modalities (which include electrical therapies, ultrasound, cold laser, mechanical massage, exercises, and stretches), community outreach programs, and education.

About our clinic

Foxglove Chiropractic is located in the heart of Valley Junction on the east side of the street. We are currently only accepting Medicare, which means we do not accept other insurances at this time. We will give you a copy of the bill with services listed so that you can turn it in to your insurance. We do this to better serve you, when billing through insurance, the insurance company dictates how many visits you can have in a year as well as what types of services you are eligible for. At Foxglove Chiropractic we feel that these decisions are ones that should be made between the doctor and the patient who best know the situation.

We use a variety of techniques, which are different ways of adjusting. Dr. Ruth has been trained in Palmer package which includes diversified, Gonstead, and Thompson. Dr. Ruth has also been trained in instrument assisted adjusting as well as other low force adjusting methods. We are dedicated to patients’ comfort in everything we do.